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2016-36 Callout Swindon continued

Tuesday 11th October 2016

Search resumed at 13:15 for a high risk despondent man in West Swindon.

Assistance received from Berkshire Lowland Search & Rescue and Berkshire SAR Dogs.

Further details to follow.

2016-34 Callout Marlborough continuation

Sunday 25th September 2016

Yesterday’s search for a despondent male resumed at 10:00 in the Savernake area.

Missing man found safe and well by Police. Team stood down at 12:00.

Thanks to Berkshire Search Dogs and Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue for their assistance on this search.

Carl’s Blog part 3 – No Excuses!

12 Feb 2016 – Week 3, Call out Training, No excuses please – REPLY!!

So I’m into week three of my goal to become a trained Lowland Search Technician and a rung further on the ladder to becoming an operational member of WILSAR.

This week has seen quite a bit of progress in that I have managed to secure a place on the Lowland Search Technician Course (UKLSI LST) in March and have completed the second core subject required to become operational.

Aside from my normal day to day tribulations at work I have become used to the idea that I will be going off to do something different and learning new skills on a weekly basis, so much so that on Wednesday evening I sat with my kit on at 1845hrs waiting for the text message informing me of the RV and timings for this evening’s training (we had already received it by email).  It was slightly embarrassing when my wife pointed out that the training was on Thursday and she had wondered where I was off to!! (We have all got up for work on a day off before haven’t we?? Or is that just me?)

Again, we RV’d at the normal meeting place and stood around waiting for the other trainees to arrive (something you become accustomed to after a 22 year career in the Army) before assembling in the classroom ready for the evening’s training. After some initial problems with IT set up we cracked on with our next core subject which was WILSAR’s call out procedure.


I’m with WILSAR will not cut it with the local constabulary!!

Gail, the WILSAR Chair, took the lesson and explained all of the protocol and procedures that are adopted by WILSAR when being called out.  Images of blasting around the lanes of Wiltshire with blue lights plugged into cigarette lighter sockets were quickly extinguished as we learned that advanced driving techniques would not be required and that we were to (quite rightly) adhere to all UK road laws during deployment.

Although the call out procedure is quite straight forward (a text message with all of the relevant information on) there was a huge emphasis placed on EMERGENCY and the fact that when being called out someone’s life may be at risk which really brings home why so many people have volunteered to become a part of the team.

It is also worth adding that no one is under any obligation to attend every single callout as WILSAR fully recognise that people have other priorities and Jobs that pay the way. So instead of “Sorry my uncle Dennis’s cat has died but I’ll be able to attend once I’ve washed my underpants and put some boiled eggs on the stove” a text with YES or NO will suffice which keeps it nice and simple and allows the search managers to plan quickly and effectively, minimising the risk to the missing person (MisPer).

After a quick break we were introduced to the Team’s policy with regards to Professional Development and Progression, Colin (WILSAR’s Training Officer) explained that all WILSAR members will be invested in to progress and further enhance their skills; it seems that if you have the will and the desire they will give you the tools to become qualified and competent, whether that be to become a Team Leader or to specialise in one of the other areas that the team operate, they are ideally placed to assist.

All in all a very positive week, next up is Vehicle and RV set up which sort of marks the half-way point in the new member training. Finally if anyone needs a lift to the UKLSI course in March just let me know at the next meeting, I have space for three in my car, now I’m off home to play on my son’s PlayStation and get the fast driving thing out of my system!

Catch up soon… Carl.

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2015-54-56 Callout Trowbridge continued

2015-56   Saturday 12th December 2015

Search resumed at 09:30. Sadly the missing lady’s body was found. WILSAR’s thoughts go out to her family and friends.


2015-55   Thursday 10th December2015

Continuation of Tuesday 8th’s search. Search resumed at 10:00 and suspended at 15:30 pending further Police enquiries.


2015-54   Wednesday 9th December 2015

Continuation of yesterday’s search for a missing vulnerable female in Trowbridge.

Team called to resume search at 10:00, search suspended at 17:00 pending further Police enquiries.

2015-32 Callout Swindon, continuation

Saturday 18th July 2015, 10:00

Continuation of search for missing despondent male in Swindon.

Search completed and team stood down by Wiltshire Police at 18:00.

2014-09 Callout Salisbury Continued

Thursday 20th March 2014. Called at 1615 hours to assist Wiltshire Police with the continued search for a despondent 59-year old male in the Salisbury area. Assisted by Dorset Search Dogs. Team stood down at 2345 hours.

2013-31 Callout Trowbridge (Continued)

7 September 2013  |  Latest callouts  |  , ,

Saturday 7th September 2013.

At 10:00 hours the continuation of search for a despondent 32 year old male in the Trowbridge area. 15 members of WILSAR, 7 police officers and two search dogs with handlers from Dorset Search Dogs attended. Foot, kayak and dog teams deployed. Male located by search dog Oscar and handler Steve. Team stood down at 15:30 hours with 100 hours of combined search completed.

2013-23 Callout Chippenham (Continued)

Wednesday 3rd July 2013.

Called at 1700 hours to assist Wiltshire Police with further continuation search for a missing 32 year old male in the Chippenham area. Foot, kayak and water search teams deployed. Team stood down at 2130 hours. 32 WILSAR members attended, completing 144 search hours.

2013-22 Callout Chippenham (Continued)

Monday 1st July 2013.

Called at 1700 hours to assist Wiltshire Police with continuation of search for a missing 32 year old male in the Chippenham area. Foot and water search teams deployed. Search suspended at 2330 hours. 23 members of WILSAR attended, with 208 hours of search completed.

2013-13 Callout Salisbury (Continued)

12 April 2013  |  Latest callouts  |  , ,

Friday 12th April 2013.

Called at 0945 hours to assist Wiltshire Police with continuation of search for 68 year old female in the Salisbury area. Nine members en route when misper located deceased by the police. Team stood down at 1230 hours.