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2016-35 Callout Swindon

Monday 10th October 2016

Called out at 18:00 to search for a high risk despondent man in West Swindon.

Search suspended at 23:30 pending further Police enquiries.

2016-34 Callout Marlborough continuation

Sunday 25th September 2016

Yesterday’s search for a despondent male resumed at 10:00 in the Savernake area.

Missing man found safe and well by Police. Team stood down at 12:00.

Thanks to Berkshire Search Dogs and Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue for their assistance on this search.

2016-33 Callout Marlborough

Saturday 24th September 2016

Called out at 20:15 by Wiltshire Police to search in Marlborough for a missing despondent male.

Search suspended at 01:45 pending further Police enquiries.

2016-27 Callout Chippenham

Saturday 6th August 2016

Called out by Wiltshire Police at 20:35 to search for missing despondent male in Chippenham.

Missing man located safe by WILSAR foot team. Stood down at 02:25


2016-26 Callout Swindon

Friday 5th August 2016

Called at 06:30 by Wiltshire Police concerning a missing despondent female in Old Town, Swindon. Lady was located by police just as callout SMS was about to be sent.

2016-25 Callout Devizes

Tuesday 26th July 2016

Called out by Wiltshire Police at 19:50 to search for a depsondent missing male in Devizes.

Injured man located in woodland by WILSAR foot team and handed over to Ambulance Service. Team stood down at 23:15.

2016-24 Callout Swindon

Friday 22nd July 2016

Called out at 08:55 to search for a vulnerable despondent male in North Swindon.

Search suspended at 18:15 pending further investigation by Wiltshire Police.

RPAS authorised by Wiltshire Police/CAA and mutual aid requested from SURSAR but stood down when NPAS became available.

2016-23 Callout Bradford on Avon

Monday 18th July 2016

Alerted by Wiltshire Police at 06:05 of a missing despondent female in the Bradford on Avon area.

Lady located by Police while taking details over phone. Team not deployed.

2016-22 Callout Swindon

Sunday 17th July 2016

Called out by Wiltshire Police at 08:10 to search for a despondent male suspected of taking an overdose in the area around GWH.

Volunteers from Oxfordshire Search and Rescue and Berkshire Search and Rescue assisted.

Search suspended at 18:55 pending further Police enquiries.

2016-20 Callout Tidworth

Sunday 3rd July 2016

Called out by Wiltshire Police at 18:55 to search for a despondent male in the Tidworth area.

Missing man located safe and Team stood down at 21:45.