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New Executive Committee Appointed

30 March 2012  |  News

Our AGM was held yesterday evening and the following positions were appointed:

Chairman – Steve Upton
Vice Chairman – Neil Tamsitt
Secretary – John I’Anson
Treasurer – Lawrie Humphries
ALSAR/SWERA Rep – Elaine Wakefield
Communications Officer – Keith Bartlam
Equipment Officer – Phil Fields
Fundraising Officer – Gail Leaman
Membership Officer – Neil Parsons-Hann
Public Relations Officer – Tracy Torr
Training Officer – Adrian Smith
Vehicle Officer – Andy Peaple

Congratulations to you all.

WILSAR Recruitment Information

18 March 2012  |  News

Our second 2012 recruitment period will begin in July / August this year. This will involve an open meeting to learn about the team, with the option for suitable candidates to complete a further period of training with a final weekend assessment on 19th-21st October. Please register your interest by e mail to our membership officer at

Seven New Members Oncall With WILSAR

14 March 2012  |  News

Congratulations to:

Alex Dodd
Claire Eggett
Abby Kite
Gareth Knowles
Daren Rowe
Sam Warner
Jon Watson

Our seven new team members, who after successfully completing their Search Technician’s course over the weekend, have now joined our callout list. Well done to you all!

4th March – Callout – Upavon

4 March 2012  |  Latest callouts

Continuation of search suspended yeasterday. 17 searchers attended with the assistance of Lowland Search Dogs – Southern.

3rd March – Callout – Amesbury

3 March 2012  |  Latest callouts

Callout to the Amesbury area for a despondent 56 year old male. 26 searchers attended with the assistance of Lowland Search Dogs – Southern. Search suspended after 10 hours pending Police enquiries.

2nd March – Callout – Trowbridge

2 March 2012  |  Latest callouts

Callout for an elderly male with Alzheimers in the Trowbridge area. Located prior to team arrival – 17 members en-route.