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2013-21 Callout Chippenham

Sunday 30th June 2013.

Called at 1720 hours to assist Wiltshire Police with the search for a missing 32 year old male in the Derry Hill and Chippenham areas. Foot and water search teams deployed. Search suspended at 0235 hours. 27 WILSAR members attended, completing 253 hours of search.

Navigation Success

29 June 2013  |  News  |  , , , ,

29th June 2013. Congratulations to Neil Parsons-Hann for achieving his National Navigation Award Scheme Silver Award.

2013-20 Callout Marlborough

27 June 2013  |  Latest callouts  |  ,

Thursday 27th June 2013.

Called at 2225 hours to assist Wiltshire Police with the search for a missing male aged 12 in the West Woods area near Marlborough. 14 members of WILSAR en route when police located the male in the woods safe and well. Team stood down at 2240 hours.

2013-19 Callout Figheldean

25 June 2013  |  Latest callouts  |  ,

Tuesday 25th June 2013. Called at 1200 noon to assist Wiltshire Police with the search for a despondent 34 year old male in the Figheldean area. Avon and Somerset air support unit also assisting. Male located safe and well nearby by police. 16 members of WILSAR in attendance with additional 10 members available later if required. Team stood down at 1625 hours. Total of 68 hours of search completed by WILSAR.

Welcome and Congratulations – June

16 June 2013  |  News  |  ,

16th June 2013. Following a successful but very wet Saturday at the UKLSI training weekend at Oxenwood, I would like to welcome two new members to the team Judith Loughran and Gordon Black who completed the Search Technician Techniques and Skills course.  Congratulations to Janice Rumming and John Needham who completed the Team Leader Skills course.  Both courses are in line with ALSAR competencies.

Royal Air Force donates to WILSAR

12 June 2013  |  News  |  , , ,

12th June 2013. Royal Air Force Brize Norton’s Charities Committee have kindly awarded £400 to WILSAR. The committee were impressed to learn of WILSAR’s commitment to the community, in particular our recent training in Water Search and Flood Response. They agreed to fund the cost of eight specialist Scorpion helmets with mounted Minilux torches to help the team develop in this area.

2013-18 Callout Swindon

8 June 2013  |  Latest callouts  |  ,

Saturday 8th June 2013.

Called at 1215 hours to assist Wiltshire Police with the search for an 83 year old female with dementia missing in the Swindon area. Female located by a member of the public shortly afterwards in the local area safe and well. Team stood down at 1235 hours before being deployed.