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2014-29 Callout North Bradley

31 August 2014  |  Latest callouts  |  , ,

Sunday 31st August 2014. Called at 2050 hours to assist Wiltshire Police with the search for an elderly male with dementia in the North Bradley area, near Trowbridge. Team were en route when the misper was located safe and well by the police.

2014-28 Callout Chippenham

22 August 2014  |  Latest callouts  |  , ,

Friday 22nd August 2014. Called at to assist Wiltshire Police with the search for a 63-year old female with dementia in the Chippenham area. Female located safe and well.

2014-27 Callout West Lavington

17 August 2014  |  Latest callouts  |  , ,

Sunday 17th August 2014. Called at 1315 hours to assist Wiltshire Police with the search for a despondent 41-year old male in the West Lavington area. Team stood down en route due to the police locating missing person.

Shoppers’ Generosity at Sainsbury’s in Calne

16 August 2014  |  News  |  , ,

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th August 2014. A big WILSAR thank you to the generous shoppers of Sainsbury’s in Calne for their kind donations totalling £641. We rely on public donations such as this to keep the team running effectively and at a high state of readiness. Thank you also to Sainsbury’s for use of their store foyer.

Our volunteers enjoy talking with the public and happily give their time to make fundraising events possible, as well as being available for training and callouts. A big thank you to them too.

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