Carl’s Blog part 4 – Wet and windy Wiltshire!!

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Tuesday 8th March 2016 – Wet and windy Wiltshire!!

So the past couple of weeks have been fairly quiet on the WILSAR front and training has taken a bit of a back seat to half term holidays, trips to London and rain, lots of rain, especially on Salisbury Plain!

Because of the lack of activity I have mainly been keeping myself busy at work (yes I do have a job!) and trying to avoid the soul destroying political debates on the radio. Am I the only one that found myself hunting round in the garage for old CDs (remember those) to listen to on the way to work?  I’ll take Enya over the EU referendum and Donald Trump’s hairpiece any day….


WILSAR’s Vehicles Officer showing us around the kit during the RV and set up training.

Following the break there has been a bit of progress on the training front and this week we have taken part in Vehicle and RV set up and also completed our 5 mile fitness assessment, the latter taking place on Wednesday evening in the hills above Calne. I must add at this point that I’m not often found hanging around in country car parks after dark but there is a first time for everything!?

Arriving quite early on the car park soon filled up and after checking in and listening to a safety brief by Adrian (Smithy) Smith we were off into the darkness. After such a long time serving in the military you become accustomed to doing things in the dark without light, especially when you are in a tactical situation so despite suppressing the urge to tell people to turn their torches off we settled into a nice strolling pace around the Wiltshire countryside.



Selfies don’t work particularly well in the dark, especially when you are struggling to stay on two feet!!

The pace was fairly steady but needed to be as the recent rainfall meant that the risk of ending up on your backside was rather high especially when descending down steep chalk paths. The pace is also set to replicate the pace that you would be walking at if conducting a live search and strikes a balance between quick enough to minimise the risk to the MisPer but slow enough to ensure a thorough search is carried out.

The five mile course is to be completed in 2 hours or less and must be completed twice a year for WILSAR members to remain operational, the terrain is a mixture of open fields and short steep ascents/descents and meant to replicate the typical ground you would be expected to cover in the event of a call out.

Luckily the rain held off and the chat and banter that was flying around amongst the trainees meant that the two hours passed fairly quickly. Before we knew it we were back in the car park and following the obligatory debrief we signed out and were on our way home.

We only have one more core subject to cover before attending the UKLSI Search Technician course which means that we are one step closer to becoming operational and earning a coveted “Red Jacket.” My mother always said I would be a red coat, I’m not sure this is what she meant?!


Not WILSAR related but I enjoyed a trip to the Natural History Museum during the half term holidays (giant scorpion not to scale.)

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