Wiltshire Search and Rescue is a member of Lowland Rescue – a voluntary organisation dedicated to assisting the emergency services in the search for missing persons.

A Search and Rescue volunteer is a person who, of their own free will, gives their time, effort and skill to lifesaving search and rescue operations without expectation of profit, and as part of an organisation recognised by the statutory authorities.

As of 2018 there are over 35 established and probationary units within Lowland Rescue with approximately 1,500 trained Search Technicians. All units train to a common syllabus with many teams developing ideas and concepts unique to their geographical location.

Wiltshire search and rescue staff membersWILSAR staff membersWILSAR staff members

We can offer positions for both operational members as well as support members for behind the scenes activities including promotion and fund raising.

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