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2016-45 Callout OXSAR assist continued

Saturday 26th November 2016

Team requested to assist Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue in the continuation of a search for a missing man from Witney. Volunteers from Warwichshire and Northamptonshire Search and Rescue Teams also assisted.

2016-44 Callout assist OXSAR

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Called at 12:30 by Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue to assist in the search for a missing despondent man in the Witney area.

Search suspended at 22:20 pending further Police enquiries.

2016-38 Callout to assist OXSAR

Thursday 20th October 2016

Assistance requested at 10:00 by Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue to search for a missing despondent man.

WILSAR Chair’s Xmas Greeting

Dear All

“‘Tis the season to be jolly” and all that… When so many of us look forward to time with the family, maybe parties or perhaps you could be working, it is also a time to remember that for various and sometimes very sad reasons, people go missing. It is also then that we remind ourselves about why we signed up and trained in the first place to be a member of a Search and Rescue Team and then act on it.

WILSAR has had a very busy year approaching 60 call outs and I would like to thank all of our volunteers for your time and commitment to the Team. Everyone in the team, the missing person and the Police depend on our help so please continue to respond to callouts and consider your availability. I extend that gratitude and season’s greetings to Wiltshire Police, all the other Lowland Rescue Teams, our supporters, fundraisers, donors, all the other services we’ve worked with and all the families and loved ones of the missing people that we’ve assisted.

Have a happy and peaceful Christmas and all the very best for a great New Year ahead.

Kind regards and take care,

Gail Leaman

Chair – Wiltshire Search and Rescue

2015-29 Callout to assist OXSAR

Saturday 4th July 2015

Called at 22:20 for assistance by Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue to help search for a missing female with dementia.

Both teams stood down at 16:20 on Sunday when MisPer located.

2015-24 Flood Team Standby

Friday 12th June 2015

Flood Team put on standby to assist OXSAR who were also on standby to support Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue. Potential flooding was predicted over the weekend due to forecasts of heavy rainfall in Oxfordshire.

Team stood down on Sunday 14th with no flood occurrence.

Over a dozen of WILSAR’s already busy volunteers have carried out extra training to become Level 2 Flood Responders. Extra training throughout the year keeps their authorisation current and their skills honed. The Flood Team are on call 24/7, in addition to their normal WILSAR duties and can be called upon to assist anywhere nationally, representing WILSAR in the event of flooding.

2014-37 Callout Assist Oxfordshire Witney

19 November 2014  |  Latest callouts  |  , , , ,

Wednesday 19th November 2014. Called to assist Oxfordshire Search and Rescue (OXSAR) with the search for a missing person with learning difficulties in the Witney area.

2014-23 Callout Assist Oxfordshire Didcot

Sunday 15th June 2014. Called at 0030 hours to assist Oxfordshire Search and Rescue (OXSAR) with the search for a despondent male in the Didcot area. Male located at 0130 hours and team stood down.

2014-13 Callout Assist Oxfordshire Oxford

9 April 2014  |  Latest callouts  |  , , , ,

Wednesday 9th April 2014. Called at 2030 hours to assist Oxfordshire Search and Rescue (OXSAR) with the search for a 72-year old male with dementia in the Oxford area. Male located safe and well. WILSAR team stood down at 2150 hours.

2014-08 Callout Assist Oxfordshire Wallingford

Thursday 20th March 2014. Called at 1150 hours to assist Oxfordshire Search and Rescue (OXSAR) with the search for a 33-year old despondent male in the Wallingford area.